Regarding our Clients

Client Meeting
  • We will serve our clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity
  • We will keep client information and records of client engagements confidential and will use proprietary client information only with the client's permission...
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Regarding our Engagements

  • We will accept only engagements for which we are qualified by our experience and competence...
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Regarding our Fees

  • We will agree independently and in advance on the basis for our fees and expenses that are reasonable, legitimate, and commensurate with the services we deliver and the responsibility we accept...
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Regarding our Professionalism

Our Personage
  • We will respect the intellectual property rights of our clients, other consulting firms, & sole practitioners and will not use proprietary information or methodologies without permission...
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Code of Ethics Introduction

Balancing the Scales

The management and employees of NUBIAN COMPUTING TECHNOLOGY INNOVATORS are committed to abide by this Code of Ethics. Their adherence to the Code signifies voluntary assumption of self-discipline above and beyond the requirements of law. Key provisions of the Code require that consultants:

  • Safeguard confidential information
  • Render impartial, independent advice
  • Accept only those client engagements they are qualified to perform
  • Agree with the client in advance on the basis for professional charges
  • Develop realistic and practical solutions to client problems

This practice enforces the Code by receiving and investigating complaints of violations and by taking disciplinary action against any consultant who is found guilty of Code violation.

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